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Wine Club FAQ

How do the charges work?  When you join the Bottle of the Month (BOTM) or Monthly Growler Club at the winery, you will be charged the 1st monthly fee at the time you pick-up/take home your first bottle or growler.  The next and all future automatic charges will occur on the 29-31 day of each month for the following month.  If you join the Premier Bottle Club, you won't be charged anything until a week prior to allocation time.

When will I be charged if I join one of the clubs online?  There is no initial fee for joining a club.  If you join the BOTM or Monthly Growler Club online, the first monthly charge will appear the 29-31 day of the month.  This charge will be for the Bottle or Growler Fill-Up to be redeemed the following month.  If you join the Premier Bottle Club, you will be charged approximately one week before your 6-bottle allocation.  You will receive an email letting you know what bottles are in your allocation.  It will also ask if you would like to add more bottles at a 20% discount.

Can Growler Club Members get unlimited discounted fill-ups each month?  After your FREE monthly fill-up is redeemed, members may get (1) one additional fill-up of their choice for 50% off, per visit.  This discounted fill-up is available for carryout anytime or may be enjoyed as a carafe at the winery Monday-Thursday.  

What should I do if I frequently like to fill-up two growlers every time I visit?  Your FREE monthly fill-up can be combined with (1) additional fill-up for 50% off.  All additional fill-ups are one per visit per member.  You can always sign up for a 2nd Monthly Growler Club membership if you like to fill-up 2 growlers each visit.

I don't live near Denver.  Do any of your clubs ship?  Our Premier Bottle Club can ship anywhere in the Continental United States.  Members receive shipments of 6 bottles, 2x a year, in the Spring and Fall.  All bottles are 20% off.  Additional bottles can be added.  There is a flat rate shipping fee of $24.99.

Can I be a member of multiple clubs?  Absolutely.  It makes the most sense for frequent winery guests to combine the Monthly Growler Club with either the BOTM or Premier Bottle Club.  Joining the BOTM and the Premier Bottle Club really just duplicates benefits.  If you are out of state and don't visit on a regular benefits, the Premier Bottle Club is for you. In addition, if you like to fill-up more than one growler per visit, we recommend getting a 2nd Monthly Growler Club Membership.  If possible, it is best to use a different phone number for each membership.

How long do I have to pick up?   BOTM & Premier Bottle Club can be picked up at anytime.  Because of limited production, it's best to get your allocation during the specified month.  Growler Club fill-ups are meant to be redeemed monthly, but there is a one month grace period for unclaimed fill-ups.  

Can I put  my membership on hold or cancel?  Yes, simply email

How can I access my account online?  Go to and there is a drop-down menu under "WINE & GROWLER CLUBS".  It is called LOGIN.

Can I customize my allocations?  What if I only like red wines?  Our BOTM allows members to swap out for a bottle of their choice if they do not want the winemaker's monthly choice.   There are two Premier Bottle Club options.  Mixed which includes Red, White and Rosé wines and Red only.  Allocations for each club are set, but members may add additional bottles at 20% off.  

When can I cancel?  See Terms of Use for details.  Each club is a little different, but typically 30-60 days from sign-up date and 2-14 days before next charge/shipment.

What other benefits do I receive? Click HERE for a complete list of benefits for each membership type.