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Who is Bigsby?


Anyone living in the great city of Chicago during the 1990’s couldn’t help but be immersed in the Bulls total domination of the NBA. Michael Jordan was the king and everything he touched (or endorsed) turned to gold, including the iconic men’s clothing store Bigsby & Kruthers. So, when it came time to name our golden retriever puppy, the tie to the Bulls was a given. There were already lots of “Jordan’s” and “Rodman’s” running around the dog parks, but “Bigsby” was a little less obvious and had a nice ring to it.

Little did we know that Bigsby would come to be the inspiration behind a long time dream of owning our own winery. We chose his name for our winery endeavor because we wanted it to be meaningful while also capturing the spirit of an era in American history when life was joyful, but simple — the Roaring 20’s, also known as the “Années Folles” or “Crazy Years” when wine production was forced underground and made in small batches for private consumption or at speakeasies. It was enjoyed with a little extra appreciation. We think our name embodies the personality of our brand. Approachable. Friendly. Loving and accepting of anyone who appreciates the good life and the things that make it so —- like dogs, and wine.

SEEK ADVENTURE! — Chad & Marla Yetka 



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Bigsby the inspiration dog"Bigsby" circa 1998