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Our Winemakers

Brian at work

Brian Graham  Head Winemaker, Napa, California

Brian grew up and attended college in Texas. While in college Brian managed a wine store to make ends meet, ultimately falling in love with wine. For the next five years he sold wine retail and also as a distributor for several famous French wineries. Brian decided to move to France to learn how to make wine in 1995. He attended the University of Bordeaux while working at several small Chateaux in Bordeaux and Burgundy all the while soaking in the old world style of wine-making. While still living in France, Brian attended the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust in London flying back and forth for classes.

Brian moved to Napa in 1997, continuing his education at Napa College and working for several wineries (Canard Vineyard, Outcast, Locanda Estate) and winemakers of distinction before turning his attentions to specializing in small family-owned projects with unique terroirs. 

Chad at work

Chad Yetka  Assistant Winemaker, Denver, Colorado

A lifetime wine enthusiast and current student at UC Davis' world-class winemaking program, Chad is finally pursuing his passion as the on-site winemaker at Bigsby's Folly, learning "hands on" the art and science of winemaking under Brian's leadership.